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Uzbekistan - Japan Friendship Association 2018 Progress Report

05.02.2019 1798

1. January 16, 2018. The Uzbek - Japanese Center held a calligraphy workshop in the Start of Great Success studio according to the approved plan of events for review of Japanese culture. The studio's students were acquainted with the Japanese calligraphy, made samples using a brush, ink and rice paper.

2. March 13, 2018.The eve of Navruz was marked by the workshop teaching to dress the traditional Japanese Yukata clothes up together with the Uzbek-Japanese Center in the Start of Great Success studio. After the workshop, students made drawings of traditional Uzbek and Japanese ornaments.

Reference: Yukata is traditional Japanese clothing, which is a summer cotton, linen kimono. Kids learned to dress "obi" belt and the auxiliary cords "obijime".

3. April 10, 2018. The National Bank Children's Crafts Studio held origami lesson (the art of paper folding with no scissors and glue) within the series of workshops by the Uzbek-Japanese Center. Children were acquainted with these decorative and applied arts and made a frog tiny figure.

4. June 5, 2018. According to the approved plan of events for review of Japanese culture supported by the Japanese Center, there was a calligraphy workshop for the students of the National Bank Children's Studio. The kids were acquainted with the ancient type of Japanese calligraphy and made samples on Summer subject using rice paper.

5. May 30 - June 30, 2018.The Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan supported by the "Uzbekistan - Japan" Friendship Association opened a one-man art show "Waking Dreams" by the student of the Start of Great Success studio Ekaterina Tajirova. This event was aimed at support of the younger generation and youth fulfillment. Ekaterina Tajirova has been attending drawing and painting classes at the National Bank studio headed by Sh.E. Sharafkhodzhaeva for 8 years. She is an active participant of international competitions. Ekaterina won the International Festival "Planet of ART".


6. June 1, 2018. A children's exhibition dedicated to the International Children's Day became a good tradition. It includes not only an exhibition of children's drawings, but a concert program with a certain theme for every year. The exposition presents drawings by students of the National Bank studio. This year, 30 pupils of Yunusabad region orphanage No. 21 attended the exhibition and presented their drawings My Dream-themed. The number of exhibitors totaled 100 children, who presented approximately 280 drawings.

On June 1, there was a concert program involving performance of "Caprice" Dance Studio headed by L.A. Alexandrova. They presented 5 musical numbers. The event finished in the solemn diploma delivery ceremony. 

7. June 30 - July 4, 2018. The students of theNational Bank studio actively participated in the International Festival "Children paint the World. Asia" and this year once again won this competition "The Planet of ART" under UNESCO auspices. A group of children accompanied by the head of the studio, Sh.E. Sharafkhojaeva, visited Astana, Kazakhstan, to participate in the finals of the International Festival. 

The Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the Leader of the Nation and the Akimat of Astana were the event planners. This event resulted in the solemn rewarding of the winners and the presentation of the special album “The Planet of ART”.

Reference - The celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana involved more than 7,000 of young artists from India, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Japan and was aimed at education of creative youth, promotion of intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, as well as at strengthening of friendly ties between the younger generations from different countries. The program for children provided fine and applied arts workshops, friendly and cultural evenings to exchange the experience and present the cultures of their countries, as well as extensive excursion program in the northern capital of Kazakhstan.

8. September 19, 2018. Participation in the tea ceremony in the Japanese Garden. The event was arranged by the Uzbek-Japanese Center supported by the Embassy of Japan. 

Reference - The life of the Japanese is associated with the tea. Members of Association and guests familiarized with the Japanese tea ceremony (cha-no-yu), which is a Japanese cultural activity. For several hundreds of years, the Japanese developed the tea ceremony not just as a tea party, but also as a complex art widely covering various spheres - architecture, arts and crafts and cooking. 

9. September 21, 2018. The Uzbekistan-Japan Friendship Association with the Uzbek-Japanese Center for Human Resources Development supported by the Committee for Inter-ethnic and Friendly Relations with Foreign Countries under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan held an event at the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan on the International Day of Peace.

The students of the Start of Great Success studio visited a demonstration lesson to mark the International Day of Peace headed by the teacher and executive director of the Uzbekistan-Japan Friendship Association, Sh.E. Sharafkhodzhaeva. The children watched presentation on the following themes: "The World Bell of Peace" and the sad story of a Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki. The presentation finished in the origami workshop by the master of the Uzbek-Japanese Center T.Yu. Gorbunova. Here, the children made cranes with their own hands, as a symbol of World Peace!

10. On October 27, the Uzbek-Japanese Center and the Gallery of Fine Arts of the National Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Foreign Economic Activity Held an event dedicated to Sports Day, where the guests watched presentations of Japanese martial arts such as Aikido, Karate and Kendo. The first performance involved the students of Aikido School in Uzbekistan introduced by the trainer Tashpulatov Abdullah (1st dan Aikido Aikikai) followed by the demonstration of combat maneuvers by the students of the Tashkent Fudokan Karate Federation headed by Rustam Bekmuradov, Chief Trainer and the Founder. The students of Seishikan Kendo Club in Tashkent headed by Shukhrat Alibayev, the Founder, performed too. Kendo Club's demonstration finished in a workshop involving the visitors, who were able to wear Kendo paraphernalia.  

Reference - Kendo Swordsmanship. A few years ago, Tashkent began to develop Kendo, i.e. an oriental swordplay technique that appeared in 1885. Literally, “kendo” means “Way of the Sword” and traces its history to the traditional samurai sword-playing techniques. The main task of art is to form a solid character, strengthen the body and willpower. 

11. According to the plan for the implementation of priority areas under auspices of "Human interests are a great value", on November 3, the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan of the National Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Foreign Economic Activity, the National Bank Studio and Uzbekistan-Japan Friendship Association supported by the Committee for Inter-ethnic and Friendly Relations with Foreign Countries under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan held an exhibition "Bonds of Friendship" to mark the Day of Japanese Culture. 

That makes sense that the Studio's activity finished in the exhibition "Bonds of Friendship" presenting about 80 drawings, crafts, installations by Studio's students to mark bilateral friendship. Children created a touching and amazing World filled with rich children's imagination and humor. Every child has own view of life, but all of them desire good and harmony. 

The exhibition finished in the program involving the ensemble "Tabassum" from the children's music school No. 18. The ensemble head and the choreographers are: K.Sh. Fatkhullayeva, A.R. Sharafeyeva, A.O. Kayumova.

The ensemble "Tabassum" presented 4 bright, dance turns: "Dance of Peacocks", "Childirma", "Bom-Bom" and rousing "Khorezm Dance". The event finished in the solemn diploma delivery ceremony.

Reference - as part of the event, the studio held a series of classes themed "Japan - the country of the rising sun". The students were acquainted with the culture, art and national holidays of Japan based on literature and video materials provided by the Uzbek-Japanese Center for the Development of Human Resources. They learned about the unique Japanese fine and applied art. The Center supported the arranging of calligraphy, origami and ikebana workshops.  The leading masters introduced the children with the most ancient types of Japanese calligraphy and enabled students to make inscriptions on rice paper. Origami masters taught children to make complex paper compositions. The florists collected compositions from flowers according to the classic Japanese ikebana.

112. December 23-25, 2018. Intellectual and Creative Center “Premium Study” supported by the National Bank Studio held an exhibition, a chess tournament and workshops for children in the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan on the New Year's Eve.

Reference - This event included the program for four directions: 

1 - Exhibition of drawings by students in the following areas of fine art: acrylic and oil painting, right right-brain drawing, drawing and still life. Studio's artistic administrator - T.V. Volodina and the Head of the National Bank Studio - Sh.E.Sharafkhojaeva. 

2 - Exhibition of works "The Revival of Shakhrisabz Ceramics". The exhibition demonstrated the works by the students of the pottery studio and the work of the master Rustam Muzaffarov, who restores the glorious traditions of the Shakhrisabz School of Ceramics. 

3 - Exhibition of works by students using the Ebru technique - drawing on water. The master Nasibakhonim Sotiboldiyeva presented her works on the theme "My Aral". 

4 - Open chess tournament according to the Swiss system headed by the trainer, member of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) - Server Isayevich Ibragimov. 

The tournament was opened by the performance of children from younger groups on "Morozko" scene. Animators Santa Claus and Ice-Princess congratulated the children and presented gifts. Diploma Delivery Ceremony finished the exhibition.


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