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3,000 payment terminals of National Bank operate in Tashkent

27.01.2016 1533

3,000 payment terminals of National Bank operate in Tashkent

25.01.2016 UzReport


The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan which constantly expands services to current and potential customers is one of the leaders of the financial market of the country in attracting public funds. When implementing the deposit policy, the National Bank focuses on diversification of its customer base, taking into account the interests of depositors by establishing competitive rates and building long-term relationships with customers. In particular, since the beginning of this year, the bank has introduced 6 new deposits in national currency with a shelf life of 1 month to 5 years. In general, today the bank provides the opportunity to invest funds on 30 types of deposits, of which 22 are in the national currency, and 8 - in foreign.

- As a result of efforts to attract free funds of the population to deposits, balance on deposit accounts of individuals in the General Directorate of National Bank in Tashkent amounted to more than 356 billion soums as of November 1, 2015. I would like to note that clients can get any information about the retail services provided by the bank at "corners for depositors" which were specially organized for this purpose, and which function in all offices and branches of the bank. In addition, the Bank provides services for international money transfer. Thus, for 10 months of 2015, remittances amounting to about 8.5 million dollars were carried out through 16 points of General Directorate of National Bank in Tashkent, - said chief specialist of the Money Circulation Department of the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity over Tashkent city, Zulfiya Raimjanova.

The Bank pays particular attention to further development of cashless payments using plastic cards. Thus, as of November 1of the current year, the amount of issued soum plastic cards by the General Directorate of the National Bank in Tashkent exceeded 165 thousand pieces, including more than 205 thousand pieces of "online" «SmartVista» cards. The Bank does not only issue comfortable to use plastic cards, but also provides additional services when using them. In particular, customers can make mobile and online payments in the national currency through the systems «SMS-TO'LOV» and «CLICK».

- Clients of our bank can not only carry out various kinds of payments through plastic cards, but also get information about their balances via SMS and E-mail messages. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the data on the card via the personalized Web and IVR cabinets. Thus, over10 months of this year the number of customers who used SMS notification amounted to 43 334 people, IVR - 850, and the Web - 155 people, - added Zulfiya Raimjanova.

It should be noted that the bank set around 3000 payment terminals only in the capital, through which transactions were made worth over 741 billion soums over 10 months of this year. In addition, for the convenience of clients the Bank organized special cash desks where customers can make payments for utilities services. In particular, 25 such cash desks function in Tashkent, 9 of which are located outside the bank. As of November 1, 2015 the volume of payments made through the special cash desks exceeded 70 billion soums.




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