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Singapore hosted Uzbek-Singapore business forum

16.11.2012 1414

   Singapore hosted Uzbek-Singapore business forum, which was organized by the Ministry of trade and industry of Singapore and the Singapore Business Federation.

  The event involved participation of Singapore entrepreneurs, businessmen from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Such keen interest of the multinational audience in this forum is one more proof of the role, which is gained by Uzbekistan as a promising regional partner which is able to offer for the interested foreign companies an attractive investment climate, infrastructure, mutually beneficial projects and skilled human resources.

  Exactly these facts were pointed out in welcoming speech of Martin Yun, the Executive Director of the Singapore Business Federation. He stressed that the Uzbek-Singapore business forum which is held since 2007, has become the leading venue for meetings of business circles of the two countries, allowing to determine perspective directions of multi-faceted partnership. М. Yun expressed confidence that «the meetings held in the framework of the forum will form a long-term partnership».

  Representative of the Indorama company - Ramesh Sony, speaking at the event, drew attention to attractiveness of the market of Uzbekistan on the example of large investment projects implementation in the oil, gas and textile industries of our country. Among the factors conducive to investments in Uzbekistan, Sony highlight socio-political stability, favourable geographic location and possibilities of access to markets of Central Asia, the Middle East, Russia and European countries, diversified industrial base and high scientific, intellectual and staff potential.

  In the course of the forum the Uzbek delegation of representatives of several ministries and state joint-stock companies of the Republic, held a series of presentations, in which special emphasis was made on the content of reforms aimed at creating maximum favorable investment environment and business climate in Uzbekistan, IA «Jahon» informs. Great interest was caused by the detailed information on opportunities in the FIEZ «Navoi» and SIZ «Angren», prospects of joint projects realization in the economic zones and privileges and preferences provided for foreign partners.

  In the framework of the event participants also exchanged views on a wide range of issues related to promising areas of cooperation oriented, in particular, on the implementation of innovative technologies in Uzbekistan and creation of modern high-tech industries

UzReport 16.11.2012


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