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The President of Uzbekistan outlined the factors which specify the choice of priority of small business and entrepreneurship development

17.09.2012 2064

UzReport 14.09.2012

      Today in Tashkent was held the opening ceremony of the International conference 'On the role and importance of small business and entrepreneurship in the implementation of social and economic policy in Uzbekistan'.

     During the event the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.Karimov gave a welcome speech addressed to the conference participants.

     'Within the framework of this conference, we would like to share our experience gained in the development of small business and entrepreneurship, as an important factor for easing and overcoming the negative effects of the crisis. Of course, we are interested in the rich experience gained over the centuries in the developed and developing countries, where the share of this sector accounts about 80% of gross domestic product, and not less than 70% of the working population' - said the Head of state.

     The President of Uzbekistan outlined the reasons and factors, which specify the choice of priority of advanced development of small business and entrepreneurship.

     'Firstly, as international experience shows, small business is very important structure-economic sector, main source of filling the domestic market with necessary goods and services. Small businesses not only fills a certain niche in the economy, but it plays a significant role in diversification and provision of sustainable pace of its development. It is hard to overemphasize, especially in Central Asia, Uzbekistan, the important role of entrepreneurial business in provision of employment and growth of people income. This can be seen if we take into account the following figures. If during 2005-2011 in the economy of the country 5 million new workplaces were provided, then more than 60% of them were created in the small business and private entrepreneurship. The figure itself means importantly and, in my opinion, completely convincing in any country. As a result, in this sector currently employs over 75% of the working population of the country' - said Islam Karimov.

     'Secondly, being compact in its own form, having mobility and efficiency in decision-making, being receptive to innovations, small businesses can more flexible and more quickly adapt for changes of demand, the situation on the world and regional markets, timely respond to market challenges.

     'Thirdly, the creation and maintenance of small businesses don't need high expenses and capital investments, that allows faster and easier to carry out modernization, technical and technological re-equipment, develop new products, constantly update its range and provide competitiveness' - added the Head of state.

     'Fourth, the higher stability of this sphere in comparison with large enterprises for the challenges of the global financial and economic crisis. Only due to accelerating development and dominating position of small business and private entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan we could with less painfully, less losses cope with the negative effects of crisis in 2008-2009, we could in a short time period rebuild the production under the changing global market conditions. In industry the increase of share of small business and private entrepreneurship sector in 2008-2009 compiled on average 23-24%, and the rate of services growth not less than 15 -16%' - said the President of Uzbekistan.

     'Fifth, the small business is not only a source of income, but it is primarily a means for the creative and intellectual abilities improvement. This area allows each person to express their individual abilities and talents, thus forming a new layer of people, enthusiastic, enterprising, prone to self-activity, able to achieve the goal. Short, small business and private entrepreneurship in fact are constantly expanding base for the formation of the middle class. And as you know, the middle class is the foundation of any democratic state' - said Islam Karimov.


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