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Subsidized Student Loan

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It is provided for teaching students accepted, as well as transferred to study for study on a paid-contract basis for bachelor's and master's programs with full-time, evening, correspondence forms of study of higher, secondary specialized and professional educational organizations.

Terms of loan

  • Loan Period - up to 162 months depending on the period of education

  • Grace period - duration of education + 6 months

  • Loan Amount - the amount specified in the contract

Available for students who are citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, subject to repayment of the principal debt starting from the 7th month after the expiration of the student's official term of education, for 7 years. Interest on the loan shall be accrued and paid since the loan is granted.

The Student Loan is not available for foreign citizens and stateless persons.

Interest rate

  • In the amount of the current base rate of the Central Bank. If the base rate of the Central Bank is reduced, the interest rate on the Student Loan will be reduced proportionally, and if the base rate of the Central Bank is increased, the interest rate on the Student Loan will not change.
  • 14% per annum: for the education of women on a paid-contract basis. Interest accrued on the loan will be paid by the Fund for Financing Educational Loans under the Ministry of Finance.

Loan Arrangements

The following types of collateral can be provided, in the amount of at least 125% of the loan amount:

  • third-party guarantee;

  • insurance policy against the risk of loan non-repayment;

  • property pledge.

Required documents
  • passport or ID card of the loan recipient;

  • a signed contract (agreement) on education a fee-and-contract basis between a student and a higher education institution and an attached payment sheet/invoice;

  • Certificate confirming the registration in the "Unified Register of Social Protection" (for children from families included in the "Unified Register of Social Protection");

  • documents related to securing the repayment of the loan. When providing subsidized student loans to children from families included in the “Unified Register of Social Protection”, collateral and guarantees are not required;

Calculate the amount of credit you will be able to get
Loan Period
Grace period
Down Payment
Calculation type
Commission for credit organization
Insurance payment
Other services(Notary, the evaluation of pledge property)

Payment schedule

Month Principal debt The interest on the loan Total repayment amount Balance
Total cost of the loan: %

The calculation is preliminary.
The exact amount of the monthly payment will be determined by the Bank based on the results of the consideration of the application

The calculations are made on the basis of the data provided and may differ from the calculations made in the bank
Monthly income 0 sum
Expenses 0 sum
Monthly fee 0 sum
Available loan amount 0 sum
Maximum amount for a credit product 50000000 sum

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