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Industrial Fair of Agricultural and Social Spheres

06.05.2012 2019

      The sectoral industrial fair of the complexes of agriculture and water resources, agricultural processing, consumer goods, education, health, social protection, information systems and telecommunications opened at Uzexpocenter in the framework of the first phase of the VI International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange.
     Enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan and the companies of Uzbekyengilsanoat, Uzdonmahsulot, Uzvinosanoat, enterprises of the system of Uzbekcharmpoyabzali, Uzpaxtasanoat, Suvinshootmash, as well as the subjects of small businesses offer their consumer products and services at the fair of agriculture, water resources and agricultural processing.
     In Uzbekistan, raising the level of localization and production of import-substituting goods are essential factor in economic development. In accordance with the resolution of President Islam Karimov on measures to further enhance intrasectoral cooperation of 12 November 2007, domestic enterprises are being equipped with high-quality modern equipments and facilities.
     “Enterprises of our ministry’s system represented 20 kinds of products in the first industrial fair, this year we are expecting to produce nearly 100 kinds of products,” said the head of the sector of coordination for industrial enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan Umrbek Otajonov. “Thanks to the development of sectoral, intersectoral and international cooperation, possibilities of new products and direct contacts of manufacturers are being strengthened.”
     At the fair, a wide space devoted to the products of the company of Uzbekyengilsanoat, too. Currently, a special attention is paid to the localization of production, the production of import-substituting products based on the development of cooperation with other industries.
     “We have established a production of 50 kinds of fabrics and special clothes on the basis of the localization program” said the general manager of the JV Cotton Road Tulqin Ahmadaliyev. “Last year we took part in the industrial exhibition and signed an agreement for 3 billion soums for delivery of special clothing from the companies of Navoiazot, Olmaliq Mining and Metallurgical Plant, Uzmetkombinat as well. We have exported garments and fabrics for USD 3 million.”
     Uzbek-Russian JV Avtotraktorradiator of the association Uzagromashservis produces more than 100 types of radiators for trucks, buses and agricultural machinery, which were previously imported from abroad.
     Demand is growing for these products corresponding to the local climatic conditions and resistant to various influences. The Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant, Tashkent Tractor Plant and association of Toshshahartranskhizmat are the main clients of the company. Contracts worth about 4 billion soums were signed at the last year’s fair, currently its expected to increase this figure by 15 percent.
     Nearly 70 companies of the association Uzbekcharmpoyabzali engaged in processing of leather, manufacture of footwear and artificial leather. Enterprises of the system are actively participating in the Program of localization in order to strengthen the position of the domestic market. In particular, the company of Khujaobodsporttovarlari produces more than 20 kinds of sports equipments.
     The constant emphasis in our country is placed on the health promotion, provision of quality health services, as well as adoption of healthy lifestyles in a society.
     New medicines and medical supplies, export-oriented pharmaceutical products were widely presented at the stands of the State joint-stock concern of Uzpharmsanoat.

UzA,  6 May 2012



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